Resolutions with Actions

All 35 2019 Resolutions (85 pages)

2019-1 Judicial Council Discontinuation

2019-2 Networking Opportunities for Young Physicians

2019-3 Physician Owned Hospitals

2019-4 Confidential physician reporting via Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure

2019-5 Anonymous Reporting of Licensees to the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure

2019-6 Support for the Stop the Bleed Campaign and Increased Availability of Bleeding Control Supplies

2019-7 Increasing Standards for Childhood Nutrition in Schools

2019-8 Promotion of Vaccine Education and the Elimination of the Non-Medical Exemption

2019-9 Requirement of Helmet Usage Amongst the Youth of Kentucky While on a Bicycle or Powered Cycle

2019-10 Protection of Minors from Risks of Indoor Tanning

2019-11 Educate Families about Gun Safety

2019-12 Education on the Prevention of Firearm Related Injuries and Deaths

2019-13 Protecting Our Patients Amidst a Changing Climate

2019-14 Climate Change

2019-15 Regulation of the Marketing, Packaging, and Sale of Electronic Cigarettes in Kentucky

2019-16 Support for the Establishment of a State Program for Wholesale Importation of Prescription Drugs

2019-17 Preventing MAT Facilities from Opening in High Populated Areas

2019-18 Preventing MAT Facilities from Being Owned and Operating within a For-Profit Clinic

2019-19 Affirming the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act is Federal Law and Insurers and Providers Must Abide by the Law with Enforcement from the State

2019-20 Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Correctional Facilities

2019-21 Mitigate Criminal Legal Barriers Which are Preventing Kentuckians Who are Struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) from Acquiring Gainful Employment

2019-22 Nicotine Delivery Device Tax

2019-23 National Tort Reform

2019-24 Removing Opposition to a Single-Payer Healthcare System

2019-25 Association Health Plans

2019-26 Patient, Physician and Market Protection from Association Health Plan Effects

2019-27 Requiring Workers Compensation companies to develop processes for electronic prior authorization

2019-28 Status of Physician Provider Tax Proposal

2019-29 Support for the Equality Act

2019-30 J-1 Visa Waiver Program

2019-31 Pediatric Cancer Research Funding

2019-32 Maternal Mortality Rates

2019-33 Support Legislation Requiring Explicit Consent Before Pelvic Examinations Performed Under Anesthesia

2019-34 Rights of Minors to Consent for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV

2019-35 Health Care Decision-Making for the Unbefriended. Two Physicians Rule for withdrawal of non-beneficial treatment of the Incapacitated and Alone