2021 Resolutions

Resolutions with Actions 

2021-1 Bylaws Amendment to Increase Medical Student Delegate Representation (UK UL)

2021-2 Bylaws Amendment to Make Language Gender Neutral (UK)

2021-3 Changes and Programs to Promote Equity, Inclusiveness, and Physician Leadership (BOT)

2021-4 Actualizing Health Equity through Patient Care, Research, and Medical Education (UL UK)

2021-5 Support for Education and Awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (UK)

2021-6 Support for Issuing Nickel Allergen Advisory and Limiting the Quantity of Nickel in Products with Prolonged Skin Contact (UK)

2021-7 Support for Promoting Frequent Skin Examinations for Early Detection of Skin Cancer (UK)

2021-8 Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Kentucky (GLMS)

2021-9 Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Care Practices (UL)

2021-10 KBML Officers and Panel Chairs Restricted to Physician KBML Members (LMS)

2021-11 Governor Andy Beshear and Dr. Steven Stack (Wilson)

2021-12 Adoption of a “Clear and Convincing” Standard of Proof in Medical Liability Cases (NKMS)

2021-13 Promotion of Physician Well-Being (Jones)

2021-14 Support for Automatic Expungement of Criminal Records (UK UL)

2021-15 Support for Removing Financial Barriers to Living Organ Donation (UK UL)

2021-16 Elimination of Medicaid Reimbursement Limits on Complex Evaluation and Management Services (BOT)

2021-17 Medicare Supplement Plans and Pre-existing Conditions (Shively)

2021-18 Certificate of Need (NKMS)

2021-19 Personal Protective Equipment (GLMS)

2021-20 Lung Cancer Prevention by Creating a Research Trust & Raising (GLMS)

2021-21 Modifier 25 (GLMS)

2021-22 Prior Authorization Denials (GLMS)

2021-23 Advocacy for All Health Plans to Provide Chronic Care Management Services Without Co-pay For Their Insured Patients (GLMS)

2021-24 Healthcare for All (GLMS)

2021-25 Soda Tax (GLMS)

2021-26 Refusal of Licensed Vaccines (Kuduk)

2021-27 Naren James Memorial Resolution (BOT)

2021-28 Truman Perry Memorial Resolution (BOT)