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Twitter Just One Way Dr. Jones Promotes Healthy Habits

Scattered throughout the Twitter feed of Shawn Jones, M.D., (@scjonesmd) are messages about the detriments of smoking. He reminds followers that Kentucky is number one in lung cancer deaths; that the state’s smoking-related Medicaid costs total nearly $600 million; and that e-cigarettes are not a safe alternative to tobacco. Dr. Jones, the newly elected president of the Kentucky Foundation for Medical Care, also has been the face of the KMA Commit to Quit campaign, funded by the Foundation. The campaign

Economics of Electronic Health Record Signatures

Protect Medicare payments with timely signing and closing of electronic health records More than eighty percent of physicians in the U.S. now use electronic health records according to  An electronic signature is one component of the EHR. The focus of electronic signatures was often on systems and software products that must include protections against modification and other administrative safeguards, and not the timeliness of signing and closing an electronic signature. Earlier this year, CGS – the Medicare contractor for

The Family of Medicine – Our Tapestry

For more than 30 years, I have traveled in a journey through many branches of organized medicine.  I have been blessed to serve county, state and national groups as president, officer, on boards, PACs and as committee member numerous times. Each of these positions has been like a bright, colorful thread that has become woven in a beautiful tapestry.  Hundreds of staff, volunteers and peers along the way have become flecks of gold and sparkle woven into that tapestry.  It

KMA Files Motion to Intervene in Lawsuit Challenging Medical Review Panels

The Kentucky Medical Association has filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit filed in Franklin Circuit Court challenging the constitutionality of Senate Bill 4, which established Medical Review Panels to evaluate medical malpractice claims before they can proceed in court. KMA was among several health care stakeholders that supported the legislation and worked with legislators to ensure it would pass constitutional muster. “We believe that not only is the new law constitutionally sound, but that it will also improve

Medicine Now ‘On Again’ for Monalisa Tailor … in More Ways than One

Monalisa Tailor, M.D., had an on again, off again interest in medicine growing up. Dr. Tailor, an internal medicine physician at Norton Community Medical Associates: Barret, had targeted a career in cardiology when she was a high school student in Bowling Green. Then her beloved grandmother, Dhanu Tailor, began experiencing cardiac problems. “I didn’t know much about medicine at the time,” she said, adding she questioned whether it was wise to put her grandmother through some of the prescribed treatments.

A Young Leader’s “Dream of a Better Future”

President’s Message Nancy C. Swikert, M.D. We talked about being a leader in the June KMA Kentucky Health eNews. Leadership can begin at any stage of your life.  You don’t have to wait until you are old to do good for the community around you.  Lets look at one of the recent KMA graduates of the Medical School Outreach Leadership (MSOL) program. Mel Ruberg is a fourth year medical student at University of Louisville School of Medicine.  She found an

Former Heroin Addict: There’s Always Hope for Recovery

Meet the Mandates Former Heroin Addict: There’s Always Hope for Recovery   Ivana Grahovac is living proof heroin addiction is not a death sentence. “No matter how far gone a patient may seem, there’s always hope for recovery,” said Grahovac, a keynote speaker at KMA’s “Meet the Mandates” discussion of House Bill 1, Aug. 25 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville. Meet the Mandates is funded by the Kentucky Foundation for Medical Care. Grahovac is the director of advancement

Recognizing Signs of Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma and Knowing What to Do

In 2007, Kentucky led the nation’s death rate due to child maltreatment. In 2015, Kentucky was second in the nation for child abuse cases. “There’s been a study on children who’ve died of physical abuse and a lot of those children had been seen by some type of medical provider within two weeks of their death,” said Christina Howard, M.D., FAAFP, a child abuse pediatrician and chief of the Division of Forensic Medicine at the University of Kentucky. “They had

UK Physician Phillip Chang to Discuss Opioid Misuse Reduction

In 2015, more people died from a drug overdose than died in motor vehicle accidents, and many of those overdoses involved opioids. As a trauma surgeon, Phillip Chang, M.D., chief medical officer at University of Kentucky HealthCare, deals with those issues every day. “It’s a wakeup call that we should all do something,” said Dr. Chang. “The message is that it doesn’t just lie in the hands of addiction specialists.” The UK trauma team has adopted a protocol to try

More Compassion Equals Better Health Care

By Melinda Ruberg, Fourth Year Medical Student, University of Louisville School of Medicine Diabetic patients of highly empathetic primary care physicians have 42 percent fewer hospital admissions for metabolic crises compared to patients of low empathy physicians, according to a 2012 article in “Academic Medicine: Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.” A randomized trial of compassionate care for homeless patients presenting to the ER resulted in a 30 percent reduction in repeat visits the following month; the study

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