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KPPAC 100 Leaders Effect Positive Advocacy Outcomes

John White, M.D., and Bruce Burton, M.D., know there’s strength in numbers. As the highest contributor and fundraiser, respectively, to the Kentucky Physicians Political Action Committee (KPPAC) last year, both physicians are adamant in their support to make physicians’ voices heard in the election of pro-medicine candidates for the Kentucky General Assembly. KPPAC last year set a goal to become a $100,000 PAC. To achieve this, PAC leaders initiated the KPPAC 100 program in 2016 to promote physician leadership and

The Affordable Care Act, Five Years Later

As most of you know, the Trump administration is trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act as one of its major running goals. Recently, several substitute proposals were brought forward and discussed with an attempted vote in early April on the American Health Care Act (the House Republican proposal), which was pulled from the vote at the last minute. Now, the administration has moved on to other priorities and will revisit the health care goals again in the

A Novel and Convenient Approach to Putting Out the Cigarette

This story was submitted by 2016 MSOL grads Liz Mirsky and Sreeja Sanampudi, second year medical school students at the University of Kentucky who help run the Salvation Army Stop Smoking Support Group in Lexington this year. Kentucky has some of the highest numbers of adults who smoke and youth who use tobacco products in the U.S., according to a 2016 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 25 percent of Kentucky adults smoke—the highest rate

KMA Endorses Epic Insurance Solutions

The Kentucky Medical Association has entered into a new endorsement agreement with Epic Insurance Solutions. “We are pleased to have this new arrangement with Epic,” said KMA Executive Vice President Patrick Padgett. “They work with a number of our members already and we believe they are in a good position to use that experience to benefit our entire membership.” Padgett also recognized that Epic has set the standard as an employer that cares about its employees. The company has been

New CMS Initiative – Connected Care

Medicare has recognized the importance of chronic care management, providing reimbursement for such care since 2015. Two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more chronic conditions, and one-third have four or more chronic conditions. Even with that coverage, health care providers have been slow to establish chronic care management (CCM) programs; they often provide such care, such as reviewing test results and coordinating care with other providers, but are unaware that separate payments for CCM are available. In March, Medicare

Applicants Sought for State Boards Related to Health Care

The Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions is seeking applicants for several state boards related to health care, including the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. The other boards are the Kentucky Board of Licensure and Certification for Dietitians and Nutritionists and the Kentucky Board of Emergency Services, which is open to trauma surgeons.   Notice of Application for Appointment to the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Physicians interested in being considered for a gubernatorial appointment to the Kentucky Board of

Become a Leader in Your Community and in Medicine

Since 2014, 25 physicians have completed the KMA Community Connector Leadership Program, designed to give physicians an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills through education and direct community involvement. Fred Williams, M.D., of Louisville, was the 2013-14 KMA president when the program was launched. “The concept is to get docs and people in the community together,” Dr. Williams said. “It’s basically a framework for people to get together. It’s also a way to provide opportunities for physicians to help communities.

It Takes All of Us to Make a Difference

AMA Matters to Kentucky Physicians Several members of KMA leadership recently attended the AMA National Advocacy Conference held in Washington D.C. We had presentations with updates on what the AMA is working on with Congressional members on a daily basis regarding federal input for physician practices and patient health care. We were given talking points to then go meet with our individual state Congressional members. Your KMA delegation met with Sen. Mitch McConnell’s chief staff, Sen. Rand Paul, Reps. Brett

Don’t Avoid the Colonoscopy – Physicians Say Embrace the Lifesaving Test

March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States, and the second leading cause among men, according to the American Cancer Society. The average individual has a 4 to 5 percent risk of colorectal cancer in their lifetime. It’s estimated that physicians will diagnose 135,000 new cases in 2017, and colorectal cancer is expected to cause more than 50,000 deaths in the United States this year.

Medicare and Medicaid now in sync on ACA Rule

The Affordable Care Act requires physicians and other eligible non-physician practitioners that order, refer or prescribe for Medicare or Medicaid patients to enroll in Medicare and Medicaid unless a physician or other eligible non-physician practitioner decides to “opt out” of Medicare. If a physician decides to “opt-out” of Medicare neither the physician nor the beneficiary submits the bill to Medicare for services rendered. Instead, the beneficiary pays the physician out-of-pocket and neither party is reimbursed by Medicare. A private contract

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