2017 Resolutions

2017-1 KMA Advocacy Awards Resolution (BOT) – Adopted

2017-2 KMA Audit Resolution (BOT) – Adopted

2017-3 A Summary of AMA Activities at the KMA Annual Meeting (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-4 Addiction and Pregnancy (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-5 Evidence Based Treatment and Harm Reduction (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-6 Harm Reduction Programs (Kutnicki) – Adopted as Amended

2017-7 Health Care Reform and Mental Health Addiction Services (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-8 Increasing Naloxone Availability (UK) – Adopted as Amended

2017-9 The Role of Self Help Groups in Addiction Treatment (Clark) – Adopted

2017-10 Opioid Epidemic and Non-Physician Practitioner Prescriptive Authority (NKMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-11 Physician Assistant “Optimal Team Practice” (NKMS) – Adopted

2017-12 KRS Change for Prescription Refills (NKMS) – Adopted

2017-13 Schedule II Prescription Total 90-Day Supply (NKMS) – Referred

2017-14 Communication with Pharmacies (GLMS) – Adopted

2017-15 Physician Practice Administrative Simplification (Johnstone) – Adopted as Amended

2017-16 Overcome Barriers to Volunteer Physicians Improving Access to Kentuckians (LMS) – Adopted

2017-17 Restrictive Covenants (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-18 Ergonomic Hazards (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-19 Physician to Physician Opinions (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-20 Health Care Coverage for the Medically Underserved (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-21 Gun Violence (GLMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-22 School Nutrition (LMS) – Adopted as Amended

2017-23 Comprehensive Sexual Education in Schools (UK) – Adopted

2017-24 CPR Training in High Schools (UK) – Adopted

2017-25 Neutral Policy Language on Abortion (GLMS) – Referred

2017-26 Encouraging Breastfeeding and Improving Access to Breastfeeding-Related Resources (UK) – Adopted as Amended

2017-27 Fireworks Safety (GLMS) – Reaffirmation of Current Policy in-lieu-of Proposed Resolution