Guide to the CME Process

This guide is intended to provide the background and forms needed for accreditation for CME providers. Direct questions to Miranda Mosley at


Table of Contents for Guide to CME Process
Requirements for CME Accredited Providers

All CME material produced by KMA providers or joint providers must include certain statements. This includes agendas, brochures, flyers, marketing materials, course outline, syllabus or other documents used to communicate information to the audience. Save the Dates, which do not include speaker or objective information, are exempt from this requirement. See the required Accreditation and Designation Statements.

Requirements for Joint Providership

Joint providership may be for a single course or a one-time course, consisting of a series of activities by the same organization. Organizations seeking joint providership must be representative of physicians or the activity must be directed specifically to physicians.

Acceptance and processing of the joint providership applications will be contingent on the current workload of the KMA CME Department. KMA must have the application, the completed program and as much of the necessary documents a minimum of 90 days prior to the activity and before any publication can be made of the activity. There is no guarantee that KMA will observe any fixed deadlines for credit approval.

After a need for an educational activity is determined and joint providership is requested for the demonstrated need, the inquiring organization may download an application form and other materials from the KMA website; those forms must be completed and returned to KMA.

Upon receipt of a joint providership application, copies of all materials will be sent to the KMA Council on CME for review and evaluation. If the Council on CME agrees to jointly provide the activity, a member of the Council on CME and KMA CME staff will be assigned responsibility for working with the applicant to ensure the requirements of the ACCME Accreditation Criteria will be maintained.

Following the activity presentation, the sponsor must also ensure appropriate follow up, including an evaluation of the presentation by course attendees and discussion of the results of the attendees’ evaluations to determine measurable outcomes that resulted with regard to medical practice.

KMA requires payment of a graduated fee at the time of application for joint providership. This fee will be proportional to the accreditation fees, depending on the size and constitution of the sponsoring organization. KMA recommends the sponsoring organization for the CME activity charge a registration fee.

Joint providership will be considered on an individual basis. The Council on CME may approve or decline any request for joint sponsorship for any reason deemed appropriate. The Council on CME will encourage organizations seeking joint sponsorship to use other available mechanisms or attain independent accreditation status.

If joint providership is denied, the Procedures for Reconsideration of Adverse Decisions or Appeals shall apply.

If you have questions please e-mail Miranda Mosley, or call 502-426-6200.