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Changing regulations, policies and insurance add to the challenges physicians face today. The Kentucky Medical Association offers members access to a number of resources – including a staff member who is a certified professional coder with more than 35 years of Medicare operations experience. She can provide assistance with a variety of coding and documentation questions and reimbursement problems. KMA also provides assistance in the form of Job Aids and Resource Guides, as well as links to helpful resources offered by other agencies, regarding Billing/Coding, Compliance, Health Information Technology, Insurers and Payments/Reimbursement.

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Important reminder for Physicians that order/refer/prescribe for Medicaid patients

Federal law requires all physicians and other practitioners who prescribe or order services for Medicaid recipients, or who refer Medicaid recipients to other providers be enrolled as a Medicaid provider.

As a result of this law, services rendered based on a referral, order, or prescription will be reimbursable only if the ordering, prescribing, or referring physician/practitioner is enrolled in the Kentucky Medicaid Program.

This includes physicians and practitioners that are enrolled with another state’s Medicaid program and write orders and prescriptions for Kentucky Medicaid recipients.

Physicians and practitioners currently enrolled as an active provider with Kentucky Medicaid do not need to enroll again as an ORP (Ordering/Referring/Prescribing) provider.

ORP Frequently Asked Questions