KMA Staff

Patrick T. Padgett
Executive Vice President
(502) 814-1394
Board of Trustees, public education, Commission on Long Range Planning, Kentucky Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC), Legal Trust Fund, Public Education

Advocacy and Legal Affairs

Cory W. Meadows
Director of Advocacy and Legal Affairs
(502) 814-1392
Advocacy, medical aspects of sports, resolutions, reference committees, Judicial Council, Commission on Legislative & Political Advocacy, Committee on Physical Education and Medical Aspects of Sports, Legal Handbook, national and state legislation, policy administration, trustee district meetings


Theresa Swann
KMA and KMAA Administrative Assistant
(502) 814-1278
Administrative support, KMA Alliance (KMAA), general inquiries/information

Laura Hartz
KPPAC and Policy Administrator
(502) 814-1386
Kentucky Physicians Political Action Committee (KPPAC), leadership programs, reference committees, resolutions, policy administration, trustee district meetings, KMA Alliance (KMAA), Board of Trustees




Emily Whalin
Communications Specialist
(502) 814-1398


Miranda Mosley
Director of Education
(502) 814-1393
AMA Delegation, meeting planning, Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS), Awards Committee, Committee and Council Continuing Medical Education, Maternal Mortality Committee

Rachel Sender
Education Assistant
(502) 814-1396
Meeting planning


Heather Playford
Administrative Assistant
(502) 814-1278


Marsha D. Harrington
Director of Finance
(502) 814-1385
Financial operations

Debra Boyd
Accounting Assistant
(502) 814-1381

Jenny Parks
Accounting Manager
(502) 814-1395
Accounting department, financial operations, human resources

Medical Advocacy

Lindy Lady
Medical Business Advocacy Manager
(502) 814-1389
Medicare/Medicaid, Commission on Medical Economics, Technical Advisory Committee on Physician Services (Medicaid)


Amber Laflin
Director of Member Services
(502) 814-1390
Membership (recruitment and retention), House of Delegates
Commission on Licensure and Workforce, Commission on Young
Physicians & Physicians in Training

Lesli Brenner
Member Services Coordinator
(502) 814-1382
Membership, dues billing/processing

Trinity Cephus
Member Services Administrator
(502) 814-1380
Membership, Address Changes, List Requests, Resident and Fellows Section