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KMA Alliance

Mission Statement

To Strengthen the Family of Medicine through Advocacy, Education and Friendship.

Mission Statement

The Volunteer Voice of the Family of Medicine


The objectives of the State Alliance shall be exclusively educational and charitable. They shall be:

      • To assist in those programs of the Kentucky Medical Association that improve the health and quality of life for all people;
      • To promote health education;
      • To encourage participation of volunteers in activities that meet health needs;
      • To support health-related, charitable endeavors;
      • To coordinate and advise concerning the activities of the component alliances/auxiliaries;
      • To cultivate friendly relations and to promote mutual understanding among physicians’ families

Benefits of Membership

      • Support for the Medical Family
      • Medical Student/Resident Groups
      • Early Practice Family Support
      • Retirement Family Support
      • Legislative updates and call to action
      • Connections to Mentors (training, jobs, family)
      • Fund raising training/ideas
      • Community charities
      • Leadership training
      • Online Directory (member protected)
      • Blogs for questions (member protected)
      • Help relocating (local community mentors)
      • Health project tips
      • Electronic Newsletters
      • Linking to a National Organization for support