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Kentucky Physicians PAC


Kentucky Physicians Political Action Committee, KMA's political action arm, increases the medical community's impact on the pro-medicine makeup of the Kentucky General Assembly. With physician contributions, Kentucky Physicians PAC will build on the recent success of campaign radio ads and the second highest winning percentage of all state PACs to help elect legislators who understand the importance of a strong medical community.




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Kentucky Physicians PAC (KPPAC), the political action arm of the Kentucky Medical Association, supports pro-medicine candidates with personal contributions from physicians. KPPAC accepts contributions from $5 to $5,000. At higher levels, KPPAC recognizes your contribution to physicians statewide and provides additional benefits and political opportunities depending on your level of support. 

Login to the member section and return to the KPPAC page to contribute.  After logging in, click on the "Learn More and Contribute" button.  Only members have access to this page


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KPPAC 100 Description

2017 KPPAC 100 Advocacy Leaders

The Kentucky Physicians Political Action Committee launched the KPPAC 100 this year with the goal of becoming a $100,000 PAC. These Physician Leaders in Advocacy play a major role in ensuring pro-medicine candidates are elected.

Learn more here.

Thank you to our 2017 KPPAC 100 Contributors!

KPPAC 100 Contributors

William Allen, MD

Ralph Alvarado, MD

David Bensema, MD

Marianne Bensema, MD

Cheryl Broster

Frank Burns, MD

J. Gregory Cooper, MD

Robert Couch MD

Citizens for Affordable Healthcare PAC


KPPAC 100 Contributors

Aroona Dave

Evelyn Jones, MD

Shawn Jones, MD

Rishi Kumar, MD

Eric Lydon, MD

Kevin Martin, MD

Theodore Miller, MD, PhD

William Monnig, MD



KPPAC 100 Contributors

Neal Moser, MD

Eric Neils, MD

Judy Oakley

Maurice Oakley, MD

Michael Oghia, MD

Patrick Padgett

Charles Papp, MD

John Roberts, MD


KPPAC 100 Contributors

Donald Swikert, MD

Nancy Swikert, MD

Tuyen Tran, MD

Thomas Waid, MD

Carolyn Watson, MD

Mitchell Wicker, Jr, MD

Brent Wright, MD

Robert Zaring, MD

KPPAC 100 Contributors Effecting Change

2016 KPPAC 100

Contributors Effecting Change

The KPPAC 100 program was initiated in 2016 as a way of promoting physician leadership while developing KPPAC into a $100,000 PAC.  Throughout 2016, KPPAC had 43 physicians that were active in this program by contributing and/or fundraising $1,000.  Out of those physicians, two, John M. White, MD and Bruce Burton, MD, stood out as the highest contributor and highest fundraiser, respectively. See how Doctors White and Burton effected positive advocacy outcomes by clicking here.

John R. White, MD, FCCP, FAASM

Bruce Burton, MD

Thank You 2017

Thank You to All of Our 2017 Contributors!

Silver $500+


Mohammad Afzal, MD

Jim Beattie, MD

Nancy Bunnell

Thomas Bunnell, MD



Bruce Burton, MD

Eric Fulcher, MD

Gregory Gleis, MD

Linda Gleis, MD




William Harrison, MD

Leland Irwin, MD

Gerry Montgomery

Wally Montgomery, MD




Kristie Paris, MD

John Potter, MD

John Rhodes, II, MD

Rhonda Rhodes




Kishor Vora, MD

John White, MD

M.J. Zalla, MD



Douglas Crutcher, MD




John Johnstone, MD




Cory Meadows




Patricia Pellegrini




Rick Pellegrini, MD




Keith Alexander, MD

Brian Baker, MD

Joseph Banis, Jr, MD

Donald Barton, MD

Susan Berberich

Harold Blevins, MD

Linda Blevins

Susan Bornstein, MD

David Brabon, MD

Grant Breazeal, MD

Lawrence Brennan, MD

John Bright, MD

William Briscoe, MD

Bill Bryant, MD

Wesley Chou, MD

Kelley Clark, MD

Thomas Courtenay, MD





Larry Cunningham, MD

John Derr, Jr, MD

Eric Downing, MD

Karen Enzweiler

Avi Eres, MD

Millicent Evans

James Francis, MD

Tracy Francis

Terrance Grimm, MD

Diller Groff, MD

Kenneth Hughes, MD

David Jones, MD

Kathryn Jones, MD

Robert Joseph, MD

Khaldon Jundi, MD

Virginia Keeney, MD




Robert Knight, MD

Michael Kuduk, MD

Ben Kutnicki, MD

Michael Lally, MD

Juli Lee, MD

John Loucks, MD

John Loventhal, MD

Tom Maddox, MD

Danesh Mazloomdoost, MD

David McCay, MD

Julie McCay, MD

JW McClellan, Jr, MD

William McRoberts, MD

Wathen Medley, MD

Richard Menke, MD

James Middleton, MD



Rick Miles, MD

William Mitchell, MD

John Moore, MD

Bashar Mourad, MD

James Murphy, MD

Baxter Napier, III, MD

Debbie Napier

Richard Park, MD

Patel Shirishkumar, MD

Mary Phillips, MD

Ira Potter, MD

Glenn Proudfoot, MD

Sonia Proudfoot, MD

Mubashir Qazi, MD

Mary Ratliff, MD

Thomas Reichard, MD




Mary Stuart Reichard

Frederick Robbe, MD

Alan Roth, MD

Ricky Rowe, MD

Eugene Shively, MD

Carl Smith, MD

Brian Sosnin, MD

John Stewart, II, MD

Alan Thorner, MD

Gordon Tobin, MD

Dale Toney, MD

Tsu Tsai, MD

Joh Voss, MD

Daniel Wendelin, MD

Fred Williams, Jr, MD

Robert Zoller, MD


2016 Contributors

Thank You to All of Our

2016 KPPAC Contributors!

On March 16, 2017, Governor Matt Bevin signed into law Senate Bill (SB) 4, which establishes the Medical Review Panel process in Kentucky.  Medical Review Panels consist of three medical experts who are selected to evaluate malpractice claims in a timely, independent fashion.  The panels will then provide an opinion, which is admissible in court, on whether the standard of care was breached and, if so, whether the breach caused injury to the patient.  This legislation is important to you and the practice of medicine because it will detect and ultimately reduce the number of frivolous malpractice suits!  For the first time in decades, Kentucky has taken a step forward in improving the medical liability climate in the Commonwealth. 

KPPAC played a vital role in the passage of this history-making legislation.  This legislation passed because KPPAC-supported legislators like Sen. Ralph Alvarado, MD, Sen. Damon Thayer, and Sen. Max Wise worked tirelessly with other KPPAC-supported lawmakers to see SB 4 come to fruition.

Your contribution to KPPAC helped make this legislation possible.  Thank you to all of our 2016 KPPAC Contributors.  

Our work is not yet done! Every election cycle, KPPAC works diligently to find and support pro-medicine candidates, but we need your help to continue our efforts.  KPPAC is funded through independent contributions...  Therefore, YOU are the key to KPPAC’s success.  By contributing, you are taking a stand with your fellow physicians and electing pro-medicine legislators to represent our interests in Frankfort and Washington.  We are stronger when we are united.



KPPAC Board Members

The Board is comprised of 16 directorships.  Twelve of these directorships are KMA member physicians – two from each congressional district – and are of multi-party composition.  Four directorships are members of the KMA Alliance and also strive for multi-party representation.  The Immediate Past Chairperson of KPPAC, the Chairperson of the KMA Commission on Legislative and Political Advocacy, one student member of KMA, and one resident member of KMA will be ex-officio members of the Board. Click Here to see a full listing of current KPPAC Board members.


Know Your Legislator

In an effort to help physicians in Kentucky know and contact their legislators, KPPAC would like to share a few simple tools. Below are maps of Kentucky split into the different legislative districts along with pictures of the legislators for each district. This is a quick reference to help physicians identify their legislators.

Once you have identified your legislators, know how to contact them. The Kentucky Legislative Research Commission (LRC) lists important information about each legislator, including contact information. Here is a link to LRC website.