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Accredited CME Providers

Become an Accredited Provider

The Kentucky Medical Association’s Continuing Medical Education Committee recommends that organizations capable of offering an ongoing schedule of high quality CME offerings seek full accreditation, which will enable participants to receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for activities provided by the organization.

An organization must demonstrate its readiness to submit an application and undergo a site survey by completing a pre-application form. Upon receipt of this form and review by the CME Committee, the organization will be contacted and advised of the result of the review. The organization may be advised to arrange for a consultation if the CME Committee feels the organization is not ready to proceed with submitting an application. If the organization has demonstrated a readiness, the KMA will forward the KMA Guide to Accreditation and an outline for the KMA Self Study to be completed at the organization’s convenience.

Upon receipt of the Self Study for Accreditation, a site survey team will be appointed to meet with your CME Committee and other concerned individuals and, hopefully, review an activity in progress. After the site team has completed its survey, it will report its findings to the full CME Committee, which will make a final determination on whether provisional accreditation should be granted. The applicant organization is responsible for reimbursing the site team’s expenses when a survey is conducted.

To view the Pre-Application and Instructions for Conducting a Self-Study for Accreditation, see the Guide to the CME Process.

Maintaining Accreditation

The KMA will initiate the process of reaccreditation by notifying your organization in writing of its need to reapply. The KMA’s primary contact for your organization will receive this notification via mail and/or email approximately six to eight months before your current term of accreditation ends.

The KMA’s notification will include the timeline and a description of the accreditation process, including the three major sources of data used to review your CME program: the self-study report, performance-in-practice review and the accreditation interview.

If your organization cannot meet the KMA’s accreditation process deadlines, you may request a one-time extension of your current accreditation term. If your request is approved, your current accreditation term will be extended for a set amount of time determined by KMA staff. Requests for extensions must be made in writing (via email is acceptable) to the KMA.

After completing the initial reaccreditation or progress report process, your organization will receive an individualized KMA decision report. The decision report is KMA’s formal notification to you of the accreditation status and term that your organization has been assigned. The decision report also summarizes KMA’s findings related to your compliance with the accreditation requirements. Your report will also include a formal certificate and invoice for the initial and/or reaccreditation survey or progress report review.

Annual Reports

Please contact Miranda Mosley at for more information.

Accredited Providers of CME

The Kentucky Medical Association is recognized by the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education as the Kentucky accreditor of intrastate CME sponsors. The University of Louisville School of Medicine and the University of Kentucky College of Medicine along with KMA, are nationally accredited by the ACCME to provide individual CME activities. See a list of CME Accredited Providers.