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Local County Medical Societies

Membership in local county medical societies gives physicians an influence and opportunity for participation in local medical affairs. Your county society serves you and your community by performing valuable activities. Services vary from opportunities for regular meetings to participation at hospital staff gatherings. County society membership provides:

      • General membership meetings.
      • Interaction with colleagues in all medical fields.
      • Free listing in the KMA Physician Finder.

Regardless of the activity, there is a networking among physicians that is enhanced through membership. Every county also has a voice in state and national affairs and can effect policy and impact health care decisions through their representatives to the KMA and AMA House of Delegates. These county medical societies participate in the Rural Caucus, joining delegates from around Kentucky to meet and discuss issues before the KMA House.

For information on local local medical societies, contact KMA at (502) 426-6200, send an email to or complete an online application.