County Alliances and Projects

Greater Louisville Medical Society Alliance (GLMSA)

GLMS Alliance Scheduled events for 2018-2019 Alliance Year:

Schedule TBA

            Contact Debi McDonald at for info

Lexington Medical Society Alliance

LMSA Meetings and Activities for 2018-2019

Schedule TBA

                    Contact Abby Dority for info

Creating A Stir Cookbook

The Lexington Medical Society Alliance published the "Creating a Stir" cookbook as a fundraising project to benefit Kentucky's children.

                    Davies County Medical Society Alliance
                             DCMSA meetings and activities for 2018-2019:

 April/May TBA

                  Have 7 scholarship recipients @ $2000 each !!

                  Contact Charlotte Burton

                 Northern Kentucky Medical Society Alliance
NKMSA meetings and activities for 2018-2019:

Meetings with medical society TBA

                       Contact Nancy Swikert, MD at for more information


The KMA Alliance raises funds and supports the McDowell House, which is one of the state's medical heritage treasures. For more information, visit the McDowell House website.

Click here for link to McDowell House and Apothecary Shop Activity Book for children.


Contact us:
KMA Alliance
P. O. Box 7741
Louisville, KY 40257