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Legal Trust Fund

Your support of the KMA Legal Trust Fund helps effect change on issues that adversely affect the practice of medicine, patient protection or physicians’ rights. Notable successes have been achieved on a variety of issues including:

The KMA Legal Trust Fund provided funds for KMA to successfully assist in defending physicians from being sued by the state chiropractic board for reviewing medical records that contained chiropractic records on behalf of an insurance company.

The Fund provided research in updating KMA’s HIPAA materials and House Bill 1 implementation.

In 2017, the General Assembly passed a measure establishing “medical review panels” in Kentucky, legislation that represented the first meaningful tort reform passed by the state legislature in a generation. Unfortunately, the law was challenged in court. With financial resources provided by the Legal Trust Fund, KMA was able to participate in the legal action from the start, which included filing a brief with the Kentucky Supreme Court supporting the constitutionality of the medical review panel law.

Help KMA advocate on your behalf in legal areas affecting all physicians by contributing to the Fund this year.

Click here to contribute by credit card or contact the KMA membership department at 502-426-6200.