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2023 KMA Resolutions

Each link is an individual pdf that can be downloaded and printed. The first link is a compiled list of all (35) 2023 KMA Resolutions and one report.

2023 KMA Resolutions

2023-1 Constitution Amendment to Separate the Office of Secretary-Treasurer (BOT)

2023-2 Bylaws Amendments to Separate the Duties of Secretary-Treasurer (BOT)

2023-3 Bylaws Amendment to Update Parliamentary Authority (BOT)

2023-4 Water Safety in Children with Autism

2023-5 Caution in Pediatric Use of Melatonin

2023-6 Increasing Skin Cancer Prevention Through SPF 30+ UVA UVB Utilization

2023-7 Eating Disorders and Weight Stigma in Kentucky (Suleman)

2023-8 Physicians’ Moral Injury (GLMS)

2023-9 Support for Education on Puberty and Menstruation

2023-10 Health Education (LMS)

2023-11 Improving Representation of Skin of Color (SoC) in Medical Education

2023-12 Artificial Intelligence (LMS)

2023-13 Protection of abortion training opportunities in OBGYN resident education

2023-14 Access to Abortion-Inducing Medications (Tailor)

2023-15 Reproductive Health (LMS)

2023-16 Improving Mental Health Care Services for Post-Partum Mothers

2023-17 Anti-obesity Medications (Tailor)

2023-18 Support for Increased Research and Regulations for the Sale of Kratom

2023-19 Ban Over-The-Counter Kratom Sales (Tailor)

2023-20 Pharmacist Collaboration (LMS)

2023-21 National Tort Reform (LMS)

2023-22 Prior Authorization (BOT)

2023-23 Physician Workforce (BOT)

2023-24 Prevention of Medical Liability for Volunteer Physicians (LMS)

2023-25 Support for Autonomy for People with Disabilities Under Conservatorship

2023-26 Ronald Waldridge II Memorial Resolution (BOT)

2023-27 Gun Violence Prevention – Support Legislation That Requires Background Checks for the Purchase of Firearms in Kentucky (GLMS)

2023-28 Gun Violence Prevention – Prevention of Suicide with Extreme Risk Protection Orders (Red Flag Laws) (GLMS)

2023-29 Gun Violence Prevention – Support Legislation that Addresses Ghost Guns in Kentucky (GLMS)

2023-30 Gun Violence Prevention – Prevention of Intimate Domestic Partner Homicides with Domestic Violence Prohibition Laws (GLMS)

2023-31 Gun Violence Prevention – Support Legislation that Establishes a State-Wide Office of Gun Safety in Kentucky (GLMS)

2023-32 CME to Promote Screening and Patient Education for Gun Safety in the Home as a Preventative Measure Against Gun Injuries and Firearm Violence (GLMS)

2023-33 Addressing the Gun Violence Public Health Epidemic Through Education, (GLMS)

2023-34 Enact Legislation to Protect Kentucky Schoolchildren, Citizens, and Police Officers from Gun Violence and Mass Shootings (GLMS)

2023-35 Repeal Kentucky State Laws that Prohibit Prevention of Mass Shootings and Gun Violence, and Thus Endanger Our Schoolchildren, Citizens and Police (GLMS)

KMA Gun Violence and Firearm Safety Work Group Report to the 2023 KMA House of Delegates