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A Season of Thanksgiving

November is always the month where we focus on thankfulness, and I’ve been reflecting on that a lot lately as we round the corner into the last months of 2022.

This year has undoubtedly presented challenges to those of us in medicine. While we continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, we’ve also battled misinformation and the impact that has on our patients and public health as a whole.

We as physicians are also continuing to defend our practice and fight for what’s best for the patients we care for. The prior authorization process desperately needs to be reformed, as it delays care for those who need it and places burdens on us as providers. We also must defend our position as leaders of the overall patient care team, as we are the most highly-trained professionals in the medical field.

But those challenges are why I’m so thankful to be part of the KMA. The KMA understands the issues we face, and works on our behalf to find solutions. I was grateful to testify recently on the Association’s behalf before the Interim Joint Committee on Health, Welfare, and Family Services regarding eligibility criteria and requirements relating to prior authorization. Fixing prior authorization is a top priority for the KMA heading into the 2023 legislative session, and I look forward to having more conversations that will lead us to a positive outcome for our practices and patients.

I’m also thankful for the upcoming launch of the KMA’s “KY Physicians Care” campaign, which promotes the team-based approach to patient care, with physicians serving as the ‘captain’ of the care team. Studies continually show that physician-led, team-based care leads to better health outcomes, lower health care costs and increased access to care in both rural and urban communities. We know that collaboration and communication are key to understanding, reviewing and developing an individualized care plan, and I look forward to that message being shared with Kentuckians, thanks to the KMA’s advocacy.

None of this would of course be possible without your membership and input. I’d especially like to thank all of you who participated in KMA’s recent member survey. We received a great response, and I’m excited to see the results and listen to what you had to say, particularly regarding some of the issues I just mentioned, such as prior authorization.

The KMA has always existed to make the voices of physicians heard, and I’m thankful to have your voice be part of that chorus. I’m wishing you and your family a happy and restorative Thanksgiving.



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