Leading Through Advocacy

I mentioned in my previous President’s Message that so much of the work of a physician comes down to leadership. Our staff members need us

KMA Hosts CME Coordinator Conference

More than 25 attendees gathered on Friday, Oct. 20 for KMA’s annual CME Coordinator Conference. Education specialists from 15 hospitals, health systems, and Area Health

KY Physicians Care Debuts “A Day in the Life” Video   KMA’s “KY Physicians Care” campaign seeks to promote the physician-led, team-based care model and highlight the importance of collaboration between physicians and other

KMA 2023 Resolutions

2023 Resolutions Final 2023-1 Con. Amend. to Separate the Office of Secretary-Treasurer (BOT) 2023-2 Bylaws Amend. to Separate the Duties of Secretary-Treasurer (BOT) 2023-3 Bylaws

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