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Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Offering KYIR Grants for Providers

The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky has partnered with the Kentucky Department of Public Health to administer a grant program to support provider electronic health record (EHR) connections to the Kentucky Immunization Registry (KYIR) via the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE).

The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky will grant funds of up to $10,000 per location to immunization providers who wish to connect their EHR to KYIR via KHIE. These funds may only be used to cover charges from the provider’s EHR and for the cost of staffing needed to complete the integration of data.  Checks for the full amount of approved funds will be mailed to each provider upon FHKY verifying a live KYIR connection with staff from the Immunization Branch. Please note: these funds are only for new connections and not pre-existing connections. Providers who are already in the process of connecting to the KYIR are not eligible for funding.

For more information, and to download the grant application, visit

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