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Kentucky Medical Association Statement Regarding Kentucky Supreme Court Decision on Medical Review Panels

Posted November 15, 2018

Emily Schott
Director of Communications
(502) 341-1926

The Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) is extremely disappointed in the Kentucky Supreme Court’s ruling overturning the recently passed medical review panel law. Kentucky now remains one of the few states in the country with no meaningful tort reform, including medical liability reform, making our system more susceptible to higher costs and frivolous lawsuits. Many individuals and groups worked closely with legislative leaders and legal experts to create a fair policy that would pass constitutional muster because of the need to implement tort reform in Kentucky. Despite this work, the Court has chosen to uphold the status quo that discourages physician recruitment, inhibits access to quality healthcare, and increases patient costs, while also ensuring that the litigation process for those who have justifiable claims will remain long and complicated.

The full opinion is available here.

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