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Kentucky Physicians to Convene in Frankfort to Advocate for Prior Authorization Reform


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Kentucky Physicians to Convene in Frankfort to Advocate for Prior Authorization Reform

FRANKFORT– Physicians from across the state will convene in Frankfort on Wednesday, Feb. 21 to advocate for prior authorization reform as part of the 2024 Kentucky Medical Association’s (KMA) Physicians’ Day at the Capitol.

The annual event brings together physicians from every specialty and area of the state to advocate for the advancement of healthcare in the Commonwealth. This year, KMA physicians are particularly united around communicating the importance of reform to the prior authorization process.

“The current prior authorization process leads to delays for patients, administrative burdens for physicians, and increased costs,” said KMA President Michael Kuduk, M.D. “It’s time for us to pass a common-sense solution that doesn’t harm our patients or overburden our healthcare system.”

The KMA-supported solution is House Bill 317. Sponsored by Rep. Kim Moser and Rep. Robert Duvall, HB 317 would automatically waive prior authorization requirements if a physician has a 90 percent approval history for a specific procedure or service. It has been assigned to the House Banking and Insurance Committee, where it joins the insurer-backed House Bill 318. HB 318 would also require insurers to establish a “gold carding” program; however, insurers would have the ability to set up programs on their terms, which would require participating providers to enter into an electronic medical records access agreement as well as a value-based healthcare reimbursement agreement where the provider assumes downside risk.

“The bottom line is that House Bill 317 works in favor of patients and physicians, whereas House Bill 318 continues to benefit insurance companies and put up additional roadblocks to care. It’s imperative that the legislature understand the differences between these two bills and that we voice our support for HB 317,” said Dr. Kuduk.

“KMA’s Physicians’ Day at the Capitol allows physicians to engage directly with state legislators and policymakers on some of the most important issues impacting healthcare delivery, access, and quality in Kentucky. We look forward to seeing our physician colleagues and elected officials, and are excited for the opportunity to gather together and advocate on behalf of our patients across the state,” said Dr. Kuduk.

WHO:                    Kentucky Medical Association

WHAT:                  2024 Physicians’ Day at the Capitol

WHEN:                 Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024

WHERE:                Kentucky State Capitol Annex, Room 131

The Kentucky Medical Association is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization that supports physician members and their patients with a variety of services. The KMA, established in 1851, represents and supports nearly 7,000 physicians, physician residents, and medical students across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Learn more about the KMA and its programs at

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