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KMA Congratulates and Thanks Danny Strunk, M.D., Who is Celebrating 50 Years of Practicing Medicine

What has being a KMA member meant to you?

The support and acquaintance of colleagues.

What do you think is the biggest benefit to organized medicine?

Support for its members, basically. And working with the government, obviously, in matters that affect the public and the practice of medicine.

Anything you’d like to say about being a physician for 50 years?

It’s been kind of tough but enjoyable in the long run. Especially since I’ve been taking care of children which keeps you being a child.

Where do you hope to see medicine in the next 50 years?

Away from government involvement unless it’s in the best interest of our patients. No socialized medicine, it doesn’t work in other places.

Any advice for future physicians?

Just be dedicated to your patients and learn to listen to them.

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