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KMA Congratulates and Thanks Micheal B. Minix, Sr., M.D., Who is Celebrating 50 years of Practicing Medicine

Posted July 30, 2018

What has being a KMA member meant to you?

The meaning of KMA membership for me is comradery. The KMA has been and continues to be a ‘brother/sisterhood’ for sharing all the intricacies of the practice of medicine for near 50 years.

What do you think is the biggest benefit to organized medicine?

The biggest benefit of KMA membership has been the asset of professional communication. Doctors occupy a unique position in society and interaction with confidants with similar responsibilities has been extremely important. Communication is therapeutic, even for stoic doctors.


What are your thoughts about practicing medicine for 50 years?

The practice of medicine has dramatically changed over the past 50 years. Medical education has enabled me to adapt and transition from general practice in the beginning, to surgical ophthalmology after specialization and then the advocacy practice for the Promotion of Athlete Safety 1st and Prevention of Child Athlete Abuse Syndrome following C.A.R.E. certification (Child Abuse Recognition Education instruction for colleagues) following disability retirement from surgical ophthalmology.

Where do you hope to see medicine in 50 more years?

Hopefully, medicine and the KMA will adapt and transition together over the next 50 years, appropriately, for every possible positive and negative encounter and circumstance.

Any advice for future physicians?

My advice to physicians is “be all you can be, physically, mentally, emotionally and morally” and utilize the strength, courage, words, wisdom and patience within your bones to accomplish those goals.

“Primum non nocere.”

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