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KMA Disappointed in Prior Authorization Bills Not Passing This Session; Will Continue to Advocate for Reform

With only a few legislative days remaining, it has become clear that HB 317 and SB 270, the KMA-supported prior authorization initiatives, will not advance this session. HB 318, the insurer-backed bill, also looks dead for this term. As shared in this week’s KMA Legislative Alert, KMA is extremely disappointed by HB317/SB 270’s failure to pass during this legislative session. KMA members expressed the need for changing the prior authorization process used by insurers that limits, and in some cases prevents necessary health care to Kentuckians. Throughout these past several months, citizens from around the Commonwealth also shared their own stories of how the prior authorization system impacted their lives, clearly showing that nearly everyone except insurance companies sees the need to change this system. KMA is encouraged by the overwhelming bipartisan support the measure received and remain optimistic that with continued advocacy from our members and the public, as well as collaboration with lawmakers, this critical legislation, which proposes to streamline the prior authorization process and ensure patients have timely access to care will soon be enacted. Otherwise, insurers will continue to pocket the money that could make Kentuckians healthier. 

A Lexington Times article published earlier this week highlighted the issue and its failure to pass this session. Nationally, prior authorization reform garnered attention thanks to a New York Times piece on the burdens it causes patients and providers.

KMA will continue to make prior authorization reform a priority focus of the organization during the interim session.

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