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KMA Hosts Annual “Commission Connection” Meeting

Published April 30, 2018

Three KMA commissions met on April 21 at KMA headquarters to discuss issues of importance to physicians and the healthcare community. The groups also heard from Sen. Ralph Alvarado, M.D., who gave a legislative update to attendees over lunch.

The Commission on Legislative and Political Advocacy (COLPA) reviewed the successful 2018 Regular Session and began discussing the outlook for the 2018 Interim Session as well as the 2019 Regular Session. The 2018 election cycle is anticipated to have a number of hotly contested state legislative races. As a preview, COLPA received a report from Dr. Nancy Swikert, Chair of the Kentucky Physicians Political Action Committee.  Finally, COLPA members discussed ways to encourage KMA members to be even more engaged in the Association’s legislative and political advocacy efforts.

The Commission on Physician Licensure and Workforce also discussed several pieces of legislation considered by the General Assembly during the 2018 session. These included the potential reorganization of the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure (HB 465), Telehealth (SB 112), and the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (SB 153).  Commission members also discussed new regulations related to 2017 House Bill 333.

The Commission on Public Health discussed KMA’s AIM for Better Care initiative, which seeks to address barriers to care that affect overall patient health. The Commission reviewed the five focus areas of the AIM project: smoking, drug abuse, obesity, diabetes and flu/pneumonia. Much feedback was provided that will greatly benefit the goals of the project.

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