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The Art of Medicine

I am writing this column while sitting in the ER at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.  My wife had a syncopal episode resulting in a concussion.  She is alright now, thank goodness.  While I sit here, I am amazed at watching the interns, residents, and med students.  Their enthusiasm and spirit reminds me of several years ago when I was in their place.  The only difference now is the new technology and of course the computer bases in every nook and cranny, for the Electronic Health Records.

It was very enlightening to see these young physicians and future physicians working so diligently to learn and expand their healing armamentarium.  That spark we all had at one time has not been extinguished, especially with all the insurance company directives and government regulations and mandates placed upon us.  This spark is the ember that ignites the fire in all physicians we call the Art of Medicine.  Let it never expire.

Remember, as individuals of our profession we cannot sleep through what is happening, we must behave in a manner befitting our aspirations.

The KMA 2017 Annual meeting has just wrapped up, ending a very rewarding and productive weekend.  This was one of the most widely attended meetings in some time.  The Leadership Academy boasted an exceptional array of speakers who out did themselves in explaining the opioid epidemic.  The “Meet the Mandates” section was also attended to capacity.  This section allowed us to obtain the necessary mandates placed upon us.  In one day, in one place, at no additional cost to KMA members.  This is one area the KMA hopes to continue in the future due to its vast popularity.  The House of Delegates section on Sunday, also well attended, reviewed several resolutions and enjoyed good debate and discussion.  I’ll get into those in my next column.

I would like to say a big “thank you” to those who attended the annual meeting and for making it a great success!

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