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Member Alert April 28 KMA COVID-19 Physician Survey Results

Last week, KMA conducted an online survey of member physicians regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their practice and patients. The survey covered the financial impact of the crisis, changes in patient loads, and the utilization of telehealth services.

More than 300 physicians completed the survey, with nearly every corner of the state participating and a wide variety of specialties represented. Results of particular note include the dramatic increase in appointments conducted via telehealth.  Approximately 74% of physicians indicated using telehealth during the pandemic, despite only 10% having used the service on a regular basis before.

KMA plans to share this information to assist with the reopening of healthcare facilities as well as through public messaging and advocacy efforts. Full summary results of the survey are available here.

Gov. Beshear Modifies Executive Order Regarding Non-Urgent/Emergent Procedures

Following the announcement that the state will begin a phased reopening of certain medical services, Gov. Andy Beshear has modified the executive order originally issued on March 14 stating that all non-urgent/emergent in-person healthcare procedures cease by close of business on March 18.

As outlined during the Governor’s press conference last night, the state began a phased approach to reopening certain services on April 27, including non-urgent/emergent healthcare services, diagnostic, radiology and lab services in outpatient hospital settings, healthcare clinics and medical offices, physical therapy settings and chiropractic offices, optometrists and dental offices.

The full revised order is available here. More information on the phased reopening guidelines are available here.

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