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Member Alert March 25: KMA, Foundation for Healthy Kentucky Release COVID-19 PSAs

KMA and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky partnered to release three thirty-second public service announcements today designed to reinforce critical public health messages that will help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“Prepare, protect and disinfect” is the theme of the messages, which also encourage Kentuckians to follow prevention guidelines, to take steps to manage mental health and anxiety, and to be prepared for changes within the health care system during this time.

The PSAs are being distributed statewide for radio and television and are also available for viewing and download here:

Aetna Expands Telehealth Coverage for 90 Days

Aetna is temporarily expanding telehealth coverage during the COVID-19 emergency to allow for limited telephone-only services in addition to telehealth services via video and audio.

KMA has produced a one-page guide for physicians, available here, for utilizing telehealth with Aetna patients. This document is available to members as an informational resource. KMA expresses no opinion as to the feasibility, applicability, or impact to your particular practice. The guidance outlined applies to Aetna plans only.

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