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October 2019 President’s Message: Highlighting the “K” in KMA

Posted October 21, 2019

Let me begin my first official KMA President’s Message by emphasizing what an honor and privilege it is to serve as your President.

During my installation at last month’s KMA Annual Meeting, I shared my vision for the upcoming year. To put it simply, I plan to highlight the “K” in KMA. I have already begun traveling throughout the state to meet with physicians and hear about the challenges they are facing. In the last couple of weeks I have added quite a few miles to my vehicle, with visits to Hazard, Lexington, Munfordville, Hyden and Pikeville. But that is why the KMA exists, to serve the physicians of Kentucky. I want to actively move our mission forward by educating our state that KMA is doing great work by tackling the issues affecting our practices, patients, and communities.

I also plan to recognize and celebrate Kentucky physicians as “champions” for the care they give. We know you and your colleagues are doing great work. Caring for others in time of illness and injury is among the highest of callings. In turn, physicians have impactful stories that can truly create positive change as others learn from them and, the KMA wants to highlight these stories through two very important efforts: the “I AM KMA” campaign and the AIM for Better Care website initiative.

Our “I AM KMA” membership campaign asks physicians to share who they are as physicians, as well as to describe why they feel being part of the KMA is so important. Simply send us a tweet @KYMedAssoc using the hashtag #IAMKMA. We are creating several items with the “I AM KMA” logo and our staff would be happy to send to you or better yet, I may even bring it to you in person if you and your colleagues could spare a few minutes to share your stories of success and the issues you face. Send me a text message at 270.670.9319 and we can set up a time to meet during my travels through the state.

KMA’s AIM for Better Care initiative which tackles administrative issues in medicine is reaching new heights this year through the introduction of, a website which seeks to collect stories from both physicians and patients regarding the barriers they face in receiving care. If you have an issue to share regarding challenges you or your patients are experiencing with the healthcare system, we want to hear it via this website.  As we all learned in medical school, if it was not documented, it was not done.  With this new effort, you can document your experience or challenges and KMA can work to do its part for your advocacy. While we all strive to practice using the best evidence possible, we cannot forget the power of a good story, which serves an important purpose as we prepare to advocate in the upcoming legislative session. This new website is currently up and running and will be promoted throughout the fall and winter, and we are excited to hear from our members and those they care for about how we can work towards a healthier Kentucky.

I referenced my cell phone number above, and that was not a mistake. I want to be accessible to all of our members, and I encourage you to reach out to me. I intend to use my role as KMA President to advance the practice of medicine in our Commonwealth as well as promote the health of our patients.  The only thing that I ask is for you to take the time to communicate, engage, and share either your story or that of a colleague so that we can amplify the voice of Kentucky physicians.

While the KMA represents thousand of physicians in hundreds of communities, with dozens of issues, we must never forget that we are one KMA focused on the moments that matter most… delivering care to our patients.

I look forward to serving as your President!

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