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Sign up today to be a Leader for Medicine and Patients

Being a physician automatically puts you in a position to be a leader in the view of your patients and the public, especially in the rural community. Patients look to their physicians for answers to health questions, help with insurance/billing, legislative advice on voting, disease prevention and more.

Are you ready to be that leader?

KMA has partnered with Butler University to help members get the leadership training they will need to be leaders in their communities through the Kentucky Physicians Leadership Institute (KPLI). This year, KMA will offer 15 applicants the broad leadership training and skills needed to walk into that role.

Right now, a few spots are still open for the KPLI program.

Here is an overview of this important program:


The Personal Side of Leadership

Friday, July 14-Saturday, July 15

Introduces participants to many of the critical communication skills associated with being an effective leader. Emphasis placed on how to use those skills.

The Business of Leadership

Friday, July 28-Saturday, July 29

Introduces participants to the structure and language of business. Participants gain an understanding of components of health care organizations.

From Leadership to Advocacy

Friday, Aug. 11-Saturday, Aug. 12

Introduces participants to the critical role advocacy plays in ensuring access to health care at the community level.

Leadership in Action

Saturday, Aug. 26

Provides participants with an opportunity to engage in an in-depth analysis of a key issue facing health care today. Designed to complement other modules.


Sign up today!  Here is the link for the KPLI application

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