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So, What is KMA Doing for You?

KMA will be very busy this year advocating for you, your practice and your patients’ health. Did you know the top priorities for KMA this year include:

  1. Smoking cessation help by eliminating the mandatory step requirements for drug/counseling treatment to get the treatment YOU want for patients.
  2. Domestic violence changes in mandatory abuse reporting by having physicians simply provide victims with easily accessible referral information for the regional domestic violence programs or rape crisis centers and documenting the injuries in the patient’s medical record.
  3. Tort reform efforts by joining other stakeholders such as the Kentucky Hospital Association and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce to advocate for common sense medical liability and lawsuit reform to create a more fair and consistent climate for physicians, hospitals and businesses.
  4. Know Your Meds public health campaign to help address the statewide epidemic of drug overdoses through education to explain how to patients how to USE their medicines and what the meds are and side effects, how to STORE their meds safely so children and others can’t get access, and how to DISPOSE of their meds to prevent environmental or abuse issues.
  5. Leadership development to attract the brightest students to enter the field of medicine and evolve them into leaders to return to grassroots Kentucky to help the access shortage for medical care and to provide that same leadership training for established physicians.
  6. MACRA help so you can keep your practice open and pay your bills by knowing how to get paid for your hard work from Medicare through expert help with integrating the rules into practical clinical implementation.

Wow, I bet you didn’t know that KMA does all that and more for you. KMA works hard for you on the above and more for a little more than $2 a day to be a full, regular member. Where can you get all that for such a deal? Your patients need you. Why don’t you join today to keep the benefits there and maybe even increased?

Contact KMA ( and ask about a monthly bill if cash flow is a problem right now. Additional information about any of the above priorities can also be found on the KMA website,


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