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August President’s Message: Stay Curious

“Be curious, not judgmental.” I shared these words of wisdom from my favorite TV soccer coach with you last year. I have been so impressed with this body’s curiosity. We have come together as a House of Medicine to discuss difficult issues, advocate for our patients, and better ourselves. Our last year is a testament to that.

This House of Medicine created a gun violence task force last year to discuss this public health epidemic. After meeting with essential stakeholders, and a lot of discussion, our task force formed a consensus product, a statement of what we as physicians think is essential to tackle this as an issue. My deepest gratitude to the time, effort, and passion brought by the 13 physicians on this task force.

This year, our efforts in Frankfort were multifaceted. Our legislators heard from us on multiple issues from prior authorization, to physician wellness and workforce shortages. My deepest gratitude to Drs. Shawn and Evelyn Jones who testified about physician wellness before the legislature, to KMA EVP Pat Padgett who spoke on shortages, and Rep. Kim Moser for pushing prior authorization forward. All of you who attended our Physicians’ Day at the Capitol made your voice heard and helped legislators better understand our priority issues.

We also notably came to an agreement following five months of negotiations with the Kentucky Association of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse-Midwives (KANPNM) that is consistent with KMA policy and preserves the physician-led, team-based care model. I’m thankful to Dr. Don Swikert and Cory Meadows for working with the APRNs to help us reach this agreement. It took time to come to a consensus but this agreement allows for a stronger oversight and collaboration as part of a physician-led team.

Last, but not least, I’m so amazed by how many of you have shown interest in our CME Guarantee. With Miranda Mosley’s support, I’m so proud of the CME Offerings we have been able to provide from experts right here in the Commonwealth. Our trauma informed care session provided knowledge and insight on a topic imparting our lives and our patients lives, particularly at this juncture. Thanks to Dr. Amber Pendleton, Dr. Connie White, Patti Weiter, PhD, and MS3 Lisa Anakaweneze for their expertise.

Inspired by the Louisville Lady Doctor group, our “Learn With Me” series has been such a fun way to learn, and share knowledge with those in our community who may not have access to certain specialists.  Thanks to all of you who have joined to listen to these sessions. I’ve seen so many names on the session engaging with KMA for the first time. Thanks to Drs. Henry Sadlo, Greg Cooper, Belinda Setters, Khalil Rahman, and Fazian Babar for sharing their expertise. Thanks to our incoming President for allowing me to continue these sessions.

Presidential speeches are aspirational, and full of big ideas. My year as President has reminded me of how important and needed this organization truly is. My Presidency brought me many “firsts” but the sense of pride from my patients, from the retired South Asian physicians, and from the medical students meant the most to me.

Thanks to all of you for being curious and striving for solutions. Thanks for letting me lead this House of Medicine. Thanks to Pat Padgett, Cory Meadows, Emily Schott, Miranda Mosley, Jenny Parks, Amber Laflin, Laura Hartz, Cody Hunt, Emily Whalin, Rachel Crouch, Debbie Boyd, and Laura Meffert for their support and friendship.

Our challenges within medicine continue to persist, whether we are in private practice, employed, or working in non-clinical careers. We continue to strive for the best for our patients and for all Kentuckians.  Believing that things can get better, that I will get better, that we will get better. To believe in yourself, to believe in one another. That’s fundamental to being alive and being in this House of Medicine. Onward, forward.


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