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In Your Own Words: Wayne Tuckson, M.D., FASCRS, FACS

KMA is sharing the first-person accounts of physicians from across the state as they prepare for and battle the COVID-19 pandemic. These stories will also be published at If you are interested in submitting an account, please email Emily Schott,

KMA spoke to Wayne Tuckson, M.D., FASCRS, FACS, Colorectal Surgeon and KET host and producer of “Kentucky Health” and “Coronavirus: A Kentucky Update” and WHAS Radio host of “Centered on Health with Baptist Health”


What I Did During the Pandemic: Or, How I fought the Coronavirus

Unlike my colleagues, I am not on the front line risking career and life while treating COVID-19 patients. During this time, I have mostly been out of the game.

Rarely do I give credence to inspirational missives, but this one “in crisis lies opportunity” there is a ring of truth. Thanks to the willingness of my colleagues to be guests on Kentucky Health, I have been able to hone my broadcasting skills. Thanks to COVID-19, this “skill” placed me in a position for some new roles.

At the onset of COVID-19, KET saw the need for a show to summarize, inform, and enlighten the Commonwealth about all things related to the pandemic. After the special, Coronavirus: A KET Forum, which I hosted, the weekly show “Coronavirus: A Kentucky Update” was born. Since inception I have been the host and the KMA has been a major underwriter.

Coincident with the arrival of COVID-19, WHAS radio, in partnership with Baptist Health, started a weekly medical call in show entitled “Centered on Health with Baptist Health”. I, along different physician guests from Baptist Health, host the show.

I am not on the front lines putting myself and my skills to the test as so many of my colleagues are doing. Rather, I am employing what “skill” that I have to educate and assuage the fear and confusion that surrounds all things related to COVID-19.

It is my hope, that I carry on in the tradition of the KMA to keep Kentucky healthy using the tools at my disposal. At the minimum, I can always look back and say that I was a doctor, playing a broadcaster, on TV and that I gave it my best shot.

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