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Kentucky Medicaid Partner Portal Application February 2019 Newsletter

Posted February 14, 2019

Link to MPPA February 2019 newsletter

Starting in March 2019 the KY MPPA newsletter and public release notes regarding KY MPPA, will be available on the KY MPPA website.  KY MPPA will no longer be emailing them directly to you unless you have subscribed on the Listserv to receive.  To continue receiving the KY MPPA newsletter and other valuable information from the Department for Medicaid Services follow this link to complete your subscription registration: Subscribe to Listserv.

Things to know:

  • Existing Medicaid Providers must have a valid email address and their Medicaid ID# to access and update their information in the system.
  • The KY MPPA Extended Pilot will include the following provider types and two medium-sized hospitals; Chiropractor (85), Dentist (60), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (82), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (81), Occupational Therapist (88), Optometrist (77), Physical Therapist (87), Speech Language Pathologist (79).
  • To obtain an existing Medicaid ID #, submit a written request signed by the Provider, Owner, Officer, or Board Member to The request should include the Provider name, NPI, FEIN or SS#, and a valid email address for the Provider.
  • Visit the KY MPPA website for updates, webinars and access information.

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