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KMA Membership: A Resolution to Keep

Posted February 18, 2019

We’re almost two months into 2019, and I know many of us are working hard to make sure the resolutions we declared several weeks ago don’t fall by the wayside. With each passing day, it seems like these things just get harder, especially when work, family and community obligations start to compound.

It’s completely understandable. But I wanted to take a second to remind you that with the start of the new year comes the opportunity to renew your membership in the Kentucky Medical Association.

KMA is only as strong as its members, and thanks to the thousands of physicians who have said “yes” to this great organization over the years, we have been able to positively impact the practice of medicine and the lives of patients across the Commonwealth.

Together, we’ve advocated for real, meaningful change in Frankfort –  change that removes roadblocks to care and improves the overall healthcare climate. We’ve been on the front lines of the public health arena, facilitating conversations between various stakeholders to maximize the impact across the state. Many of our members are spending February 21 away from their practices meeting with their legislators as part of KMA’s Physicians’ Day at the Capitol, voicing their support for pro-medicine policies.

KMA has also established award-winning leadership opportunities for members so they can develop the tools they need to both enhance their careers and strengthen their communities.

None of these things would be possible without the thousands of physician members who have committed to bettering the practice of medicine in Kentucky.

When I was sworn in as the 168th President of this organization, I pledged to help unite physicians around the issues we care most about. Today I’m asking you to help further this work by joining me in committing to another year as a member of the Kentucky Medical Association.

Renewing your membership is easy and can be done online. If you are employed, many physician employers will pay your dues, whether using CME funds or having you opt-in for membership. Please take advantage of the option to use those funds for KMA membership and become an active member in order to make an impact at the state and local levels. The opportunities to get involved are greater than ever. If you have questions, the KMA membership department is available to help. Simply call (502) 426-6200 or email

I am confident that many of you have found value in your KMA membership and hope you would be willing to encourage others to join as well. Perhaps you can initiate a conversation with a non-member who could join the chorus of voices working to better healthcare in Kentucky. Sharing with them the power of your membership and the benefits and services it provides is a great place to start. KMA staff would be more than happy to assist with your outreach efforts.

I know this season can be busy. It can be hard to fit “just one more thing” into our already busy schedules and there’s always the temptation to procrastinate. Commit right now to renew your membership and unite with your fellow physicians.

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