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KMA Calling for Submissions for 2022 President’s Celebration: A Time to Reflect and Reconnect

While the pandemic brought challenges to nearly every aspect of our lives, there were undoubtedly moments during quarantines and social distancing we will remember, and perhaps even think fondly of, for years to come.

Maybe you started a new garden, or became an impromptu elementary school teacher for your kids. Did you adopt a pet? Perhaps you bought into the craze and started making your own sourdough bread?

KMA’s “2022 President’s Celebration: A Time to Reflect and Reconnect” will highlight the ‘silver linings’ to the pandemic and showcase how we spent our days and alleviated stress while navigating this unprecedented time.

KMA is calling for members to share your “COVID candid” photos to be featured as part of an interactive display during the 2022 President’s Celebration. Photos can be texted to 502-387-1118 or emailed to Please include your name and a brief description of the activity depicted. The deadline for submissions is August 1.

For questions or more information, contact Miranda Mosley,

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