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March 17 KMA COVID-19 Member Alert

A Message from KMA President Brent Wright, M.D.

There is no question that the last several weeks have been challenging for physicians and all of our colleagues in healthcare.  This situation is likely to become even more complex in the coming days.

Unfortunately, the paradox of this issue is that the best way to fight COVID-19 is to distance ourselves from many aspects of direct patient care in non-urgent settings as social distancing has been recommended from the CDC; however, that is a real challenge we are faced with as caring directly for our patients is what makes us physicians.

The KMA is requesting communication from our members, so we are asking you to help us. Please tell us what you are doing as a physician and within your practice to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Your responses can help others determine best practices and protocols that can keep our patients, our staff and ourselves safe until such protocols may be published by others.  Every moment we save allows us to spend more time on the challenge before us.

Please send these to Lindy Lady at KMA, or call 502-553-0684.

As mentioned in previous communications, we still want your suggestions, questions and concerns on COVID-19 so that they can be shared with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and Public Health Commissioner Steven Stack, M.D.

Thank you for your service to this organization, but more importantly, to the patients of the Commonwealth.

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