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Telehealth Update

Posted November 7, 2018 The telehealth law passed last year becomes effective July 1, 2019 and requires Medicaid, managed care organizations (MCOs) and commercial health plans to cover medical services provided via telehealth to the same extent they cover medical services provided in-person. In some cases Medicaid and MCOs can negotiate a lower reimbursement rate for telehealth services if the healthcare provider agrees to a lower reimbursement rate contractually. Patients may live anywhere and receive telehealth treatment but physicians and

2018 KMA Legislative Summary: Out of the Chaos, KMA Found Success

The 2018 session of the Kentucky General Assembly was widely forecast to be contentious even before the first taps of the gavel in January, but few could have predicted the volatility that would eventually ensue. Between back-and-forth, last-minute negotiations regarding the state budget and aggressive conversation and protests surrounding the state’s public pension crisis, the 2018 session proved to be one both lawmakers and citizens will not soon forget. However, through the turmoil, the Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) was able to find

The Legislative Session Might Be Over, But Advocacy Never Sleeps

Published May 16, 2018 Like many of you I’m sure, I breathed a sigh of relief when the 2018 legislative session finally drew to a close in April. The meetings were contentious, and the media coverage constant. We had an idea going into the session in January that things might get hairy, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how intense the conversation would become. Which is why I’m both impressed and thankful that the KMA was able