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Tobacco-Free for Students Initiative Provides School Districts Across the State with New Signage

Posted December 13, 2019

KMA leaders have traveled to schools across the state this fall to present new campus signage to districts who have agreed to comply with the new tobacco free schools law passed during the 2019 legislative session.

Tobacco-Free for Students is a partnership with the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and the Kentucky Foundation for Medical Care. Since the law passed in April, more than 95% of Kentucky school districts have agreed to enact tobacco-free policies. However, the law did not provide for funding for schools to update their campus signage, which is where KMA and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky stepped in.

The new signs are presented free of charge and alert visitors, staff and students of the new policy, and contain the logos of both KMA and the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.

KMA President Brent Wright, M.D., Public Health Commissioner and 2018 KPLI graduate Angela Dearinger, M.D., Community Connector Patrick Withrow, M.D., KMA Board Chair and Community Connector Michael Kuduk, M.D., and 2019 KPLI graduate Mark Schroer, M.D. have attended and spoken at events across the state to congratulate the districts on this decision and present the new signage. Events have so far been held in Garrard, Christian, Greenup, Lewis, Fleming, Bracken, Boone, Clark, Caldwell, Muhlenberg, Hart, Green, Bath and Rowan Counties, as well as Bowling Green Independent.

More information on the Tobacco-Free for Students campaign is available at

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