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Kentucky’s 1115 Waiver Approved; Governor Bevin Announces Kentucky HEALTH Program

On Jan. 19, 2018, Governor Matt Bevin and the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services announced that Kentucky won approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for its Section 1115 Medicaid Waiver Application.

The resulting program, Kentucky HEALTH (Helping to Engage and Achieve Long Term Health) is part of an overall initiative to “transform the Kentucky Medicaid program to empower individuals to improve their health and gain employer sponsored coverage or other commercial health insurance coverage, while simultaneously ensuring the program’s long-term fiscal sustainability.” The program will apply to non-disabled adults and children who currently receive Medicaid, with the largest changes affecting the Medicaid expansion population. Implementation will begin in July.

KMA was involved in the initial comment period regarding the waiver, and several items were included as additions or amendments upon the suggestion of the KMA.

More information about Kentucky HEALTH is available at KMA will provide members with additional information as it is released.

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