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New AMA, CMS resources aid transition to the new Medicare Card

The AMA has created a webpage to help physicians prepare for the new Medicare card. The cards will significantly impact physician practice workflows, so practices should take steps now to prepare. A downloadable flyer is available for physicians to give to their health information technology (IT) vendors to ensure they have information necessary to transition IT systems to the new Medicare card.

Additionally, the CMS announced a Provider Ombudsman for the New Medicare Card to serve as a resource for the physician community. The Ombudsman, Dr. Eugene Freund, will ensure that CMS hears and understands any implementation problems experienced by clinicians and will collaborate with CMS to develop solutions to any implementation problems that arise. To reach the Ombudsman, contact:

Lastly, CMS is providing free color posterstear-off sheets, and fliers to physicians to help alert patients about the transition to the new Medicare card. The poster and tear-off sheets will be available in Spanish later this year. Register and order the products here.

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