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Focusing On What We Can Do Together Through KMA

Posted on July 17, 2018 As an ophthalmologist, I spend a lot of my day telling patients to “focus.” Focus on the screen. Focus on my finger. Focus on the letters and read them left to right. When you focus on something, you’re attempting to concentrate solely on that item, and block out whatever noise or background that may be a distraction around it. Focusing makes things clearer and helps you to identify problems. Focusing also helps you to turn

Improved consistency and fewer burdens for quality measurement reporting

Posted July 5, 2018 The focus of 2017-2018 Maurice Oakley M.D.’s KMA presidency has been to reduce administrative burden for physicians. In early 2018, KMA also launched its AIM for Better Care initiative, which seeks to reduce administrative burdens that lead to negative health outcomes in Kentucky. For close to a year the KMA has partnered with Kentucky Medicaid, the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative, commercial and public insurance payers, managed care organizations, clinicians (including members of KMA’s Public Health Commission), the

2018 KMA Legislative Summary: Out of the Chaos, KMA Found Success

The 2018 session of the Kentucky General Assembly was widely forecast to be contentious even before the first taps of the gavel in January, but few could have predicted the volatility that would eventually ensue. Between back-and-forth, last-minute negotiations regarding the state budget and aggressive conversation and protests surrounding the state’s public pension crisis, the 2018 session proved to be one both lawmakers and citizens will not soon forget. However, through the turmoil, the Kentucky Medical Association (KMA) was able to find

The Legislative Session Might Be Over, But Advocacy Never Sleeps

Published May 16, 2018 Like many of you I’m sure, I breathed a sigh of relief when the 2018 legislative session finally drew to a close in April. The meetings were contentious, and the media coverage constant. We had an idea going into the session in January that things might get hairy, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how intense the conversation would become. Which is why I’m both impressed and thankful that the KMA was able

Being “Driven” Crazy by Administrative Barriers

Published April 11, 2018 Last week I had to get some work done on my car. One may liken it to getting your yearly physical. Just a tune up, to make sure everything was running smoothly. When it came time to pay the bill, I took out my credit card and happily paid. As do most other drivers. It is understood that routine maintenance is part of owning a car. But here is where the similarities between car maintenance and

Another Notch in the Win Column for Kentucky Physicians and Patients

Published March 21, 2018 As most of you are probably aware, last month Anthem agreed to fully rescind its Modifier 25 policy that would have reduced payments for E&M services reported with CPT Modifier 25. Had this policy been put into action, it would have severely burdened our patients and undermined our positions as physicians. Anthem’s official statement, released on Feb. 26, credited the American Medical Association, national medical specialty societies, state medical associations and individual providers with taking the

President’s Message: Letting Doctors Be Doctors

Published Feb. 19, 2018 It’s no secret that the landscape of healthcare, and particularly the practice of medicine, has changed. While many improvements have been made in the treatment of disease and injury, the business of caring for patients is now unfortunately influenced greatly by outside parties, particularly policymakers and insurance companies. I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that their interests extend somewhat outside of providing quality care for patients. Meanwhile, the mission of a physician hasn’t