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Focusing On What We Can Do Together Through KMA

Posted on July 17, 2018 As an ophthalmologist, I spend a lot of my day telling patients to “focus.” Focus on the screen. Focus on my finger. Focus on the letters and read them left to right. When you focus on something, you’re attempting to concentrate solely on that item, and block out whatever noise or background that may be a distraction around it. Focusing makes things clearer and helps you to identify problems. Focusing also helps you to turn

When Administrative Burdens Take Over, Physicians and Patients Lose

Based on the feedback I received from my last message in the Nov. 21 Kentucky Health eNews, I think it’s safe to say the issue of administrative burden touched a nerve for many of you. I am encouraged by that fact because I believe the Association has chosen a wise platform to work toward improvement for physicians. I truly feel this may be the biggest challenge ever to face the practice of medicine. It’s obvious this issue can have disastrous

ACA (Affordable Care Act) Part II

Last month, we listed the goals and success measurements. The two goals of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were expanding health insurance and reforming the health care delivery system. The measurements of success of the ACA in achieving these goals were achieving access to health care, the cost of that health care, and if there was improved quality of that care. Last month dealt with expanding health insurance and achieving access to health care.  In this article, we will look

The Affordable Care Act, Five Years Later

As most of you know, the Trump administration is trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act as one of its major running goals. Recently, several substitute proposals were brought forward and discussed with an attempted vote in early April on the American Health Care Act (the House Republican proposal), which was pulled from the vote at the last minute. Now, the administration has moved on to other priorities and will revisit the health care goals again in the

For Florence Physician, It’s all About Family

When Nancy Swikert, M.D., was considering themes for her year as KMA President, she settled on one that seems a natural fit for her philosophy, medical practice and life – the Family of Medicine. A member of the 2015 class of KMA Community Connectors, Dr. Swikert was installed as KMA President during the 2016 KMA Annual Meeting. A native of Franklin, Ky., Dr. Swikert comes from a close-knit family – many of whom attended her installation as president of KMA and