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KMA 2023 Resolutions

2023 Resolutions Final

2023-1 Con. Amend. to Separate the Office of Secretary-Treasurer (BOT)

2023-2 Bylaws Amend. to Separate the Duties of Secretary-Treasurer (BOT)

2023-3 Bylaws Amendment to Update Parliamentary Authority (BOT)

2023-4 Water Safety in Children with Autism (MSS)

2023-5 Caution in Pediatric Use of Melatonin (MSS)

2023-6 Skin Cancer Prevention Through Sunscreen (MSS)

2023-7 Eating Disorders and Weight Stigma in Kentucky (Suleman)

2023-8 Physicians’ Moral Injury (GLMS)

2023-9 Support for Education on Puberty and Menstruation (MSS)

2023-10 Health Education (LMS)

2023-11 Improving Representation of SoC in Medical Ed. (MSS)

2023-12 Artificial Intelligence (LMS)

2023-13 Comprehensive Training Opp. in OBGYN Res. Ed. (MSS)

2023-14 Access to Abortion-Inducing Medications (Tailor)

2023-15 Reproductive Health (LMS)

2023-16 Mental Health Care Services for Post-Partum Mothers (MSS)

2023-17 Anti-obesity Medications (Tailor)

2023-18 Increased Research and Reg. for the Sale of Kratom (MSS)

2023-19 Ban Over-The-Counter Kratom Sales (Tailor)

2023-20 Pharmacist Collaboration (LMS)

2023-21 National Tort Reform (LMS)

2023-22 Prior Authorization (BOT)

2023-23 Physician Workforce (BOT)

2023-24 Prevention of Medical Liability for Volunteer Physicians (LMS)

2023-25 Autonomy for People with Dis. Under Conservatorship (MSS)

2023-26 Ronald Waldridge II Memorial Resolution (BOT)

2023-27 Gun Violence Prevention – Background Checks (GLMS)

2023-28 Gun Violence Prevention – Prevention of Suicide (GLMS)

2023-29 Gun Violence Prevention – Ghos Guns (GLMS)

2023-30 Gun Violence Prevention – Domestic Partner Homicides (GLMS)

2023-31 Gun Violence Prevention – Office of Gun Safety (GLMS)

2023-32 CME for Gun Safety in the Home (GLMS)

2023-33 Gun Violence Through Education (GLMS)

2023-34 Legislation – Gun Violence and Mass Shootings (GLMS)

2023-35 Prohibit Prevention of Mass Shootings(GLMS)

KMA Gun Violence and Firearm Safety Work Group Rpt 2023 HOD


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