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KMA Congratulates and Thanks Emery A. Wilson, M.D., Who is Celebrating 50 Years of Practicing Medicine

What has being a KMA member meant to you? It’s the involvement at the state level to not only engage with other physicians, but engage with the leadership of the KMA in order to forward the profession of medicine. The KMA has been good to me. I received the KMA Educational Achievement Award in 2007. It’s been a very rewarding experience for me. What do you think is the biggest benefit to organized medicine? It’s the fellowship of physicians and

KMA Congratulates and Thanks David W. Karp, M.D., Who is Celebrating 50 Years of Practicing Medicine

What has being a KMA member meant to you? Belonging to a group that practices medicine in the state in which I was born and raised has a certain element of friendship and congeniality associated with it. Working side by side with doctors that share my standards and objectives is just a wonderful experience. What do you think is the biggest benefit to organized medicine? One voice alone might have a terrific message, but no one is going to hear

Beyond the White Coat Spotlight: Janet Smith, M.D.

Janet Smith, M.D. Cardiologist, Norton Heart Specialists-The Springs Medical Center, Louisville Orchid Expert/Gardener How long have you been interested in orchids? I have been raising orchids for 6 or 7 years. I have always thought of them as exotic and beautiful. How did you get interested in orchids?  My husband, John, would often give me one for a special event and I would enjoy its blossoms for a couple of months and then keep the plant in hope that it

Beyond the White Coat Spotlight: David Ciochetty, M.D.

David Ciochetty, M.D. Anesthesia & Pain Specialists, Bowling Green Cinematic Executive Producer, RedCap Productions How long have you had your own production company? I started doing commercials and shorts (short films) first, then got into doing “animated features”, first with Elf Sparkle, then with Jimmy Paul, the Pug Tooth Fairy. My current production company is called RedCap Productions, which was formed when I was approached with Remnant 13, a pre-apocalyptic Zombie made-for-TV production. I’m the Executive Producer, which, when dealing with

Focusing On What We Can Do Together Through KMA

Posted on July 17, 2018 As an ophthalmologist, I spend a lot of my day telling patients to “focus.” Focus on the screen. Focus on my finger. Focus on the letters and read them left to right. When you focus on something, you’re attempting to concentrate solely on that item, and block out whatever noise or background that may be a distraction around it. Focusing makes things clearer and helps you to identify problems. Focusing also helps you to turn

The Problem is Poverty: Why Poverty and Income Inequality Are at the Core of America’s High Health Care Spending

Posted July 12, 2018 The key to solving the issue of excessive health care spending starts with confronting that the majority of the spending results from caring for patients that are near the bottom of the social infrastructure, according to Kurt Mosley, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Merritt Hawkins and its parent company, AMN Healthcare. “When discussing what makes people in the U.S. healthy or unhealthy, most Americans would likely say diet, exercise, obesity, social indiscretions or genetics, but

The Family of Medicine – Our Tapestry

For more than 30 years, I have traveled in a journey through many branches of organized medicine.  I have been blessed to serve county, state and national groups as president, officer, on boards, PACs and as committee member numerous times. Each of these positions has been like a bright, colorful thread that has become woven in a beautiful tapestry.  Hundreds of staff, volunteers and peers along the way have become flecks of gold and sparkle woven into that tapestry.  It