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2022 KMA Resolutions

Each link is an individual pdf that can be downloaded and printed. The first link is a compiled list of all (25) 2022 KMA Resolutions.

2022 KMA Resolutions

2022-1 Bylaws Amendments (BOT)

2022-2 Acceptance of HB 1 CME from Another State (LMS)

2022-3 Solidifying Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma-Informed Care Networks (UofL)

2022-4 Mental Health Mobile Response Teams (RFS)

2022-5 Opioid Overdose Prevention Centers (RFS)

2022-6 Fentanyl Testing Strips (RFS)

2022-7 Implementing Strategies to Expand Use of Harm Reduction Programs (UofL)

2022-8 Limitations of Kentucky Health Insurance Marketplace (GLMS)

2022-9 Aligning Health Insurance Policy Terms with Benefits (GLMS)

2022-10 Achieving Equitable, Affordable, Efficient Healthcare (GLMS)

2022-11 National Tort Reform (LMS)

2022-12 Protecting Kentuckys Youth with Gender Dysphoria (NKMS)

2022-13 Menstrual Poverty (RFS)

2022-14 Repeal the Kentucky Provider Tax on Cosmetic Procedures (GLMS)

2022-15 Encourage the Use of Peer-Reviewed Research and Evidence-Based Practices as the Foundation of Health Care Policy (UofL)

2022-16 Identifying Factors of Physician Stress and Utilization of Telehealth to Reduce Strain (KYCOM)

2022-17 Hemorrhage Control Training for Schools & Colleges (GLMS)

2022-18 Research Into a Multifaceted Approach to Gun Control (GLMS)

2022-19 Gun Violence Prevention – Banning Large Capacity Weapons and Ammunitions Magazines (GLMS)

2022-20 Gun Violence Prevention – Universal Background Checks for Firearms Purchases (GLMS)

2022-21 Modification of the Kentucky Concealed Carry Law without a Permit (GLMS)

2022-22 Protecting Appropriate Care for Patients (LMS)

2022-23 Increase in Maternal Death Due to Abortion Ban (GLMS)

2022-24 The Fallout of Banning Abortion in Kentucky (GLMS)

2022-25 Protecting Access to Abortion and Reproductive Healthcare (GLMS)